Recessed & Track Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is an incredibly versatile style, but it can easily be an overwhelming task to determine exactly what you need – we can help!

This style of lighting is perfect for “high task” areas such as the kitchen, and their understated design also suits areas with low ceilings, such as basements. 

Sealed units make recessed lighting a popular choice for bathrooms, too. However, this is an area where extra care is needed. Our staff at Champlain Valley Electric have comprehensive knowledge of electrical codes and inspection requirements. Get in touch!

Track Lighting

Track lighting is very much like recessed lighting, requiring a certain amount of expertise to know which components are best to properly light your space. 

Champlain Valley Electric will find the right track lighting for you, depending on your needs; whether functional (how much light is required, how high ceilings are, etc.) or decorative.

Visit with one of our experts and they will be happy to walk you through choosing and outfitting a new track lighting system.