Do you offer delivery?
Yes, we do offer delivery in the tri-county areas - Clinton, Franklin, & Essex.

What days do you deliver and where?

Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday

Au Sable Fork
Black Brook 
 Jay & Upper Jay 
Lake Placid 
Keene Valley 
Port Henry 
Saranac Lake 
Tupper Lake 

Chazy & West Chazy
Mooers & Mooers Forks Plattsburgh
Rouses Point


Lyon Mountain

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express

Do you offer job site visits?
Yes, we do make job site visits when necessary in the local area. Although many times a site visit is not needed and we can take care of your questions or issues from our office, looking at your blueprints or photos. Contact us via phone or email and we can discuss your specific needs.

Do you do lamp repairs?
Yes, we do. We also sell many parts needed to repair lamps and light fixtures. Bring in the light and let us give you a quote on the repair. Repairs typically take 2-5 business days to complete.

Chandelier QUESTIONS

What is the appropriate height to mount your chandelier over your table?
The bottom of the chandelier should be between 30-36” off the top of the table.  This allows for appropriate light on the table.

What is the appropriate size for my chandelier in the dining room?
A good rule of thumb is to use the length plus the width of the room to get a starting point for the width of the chandelier (Ie:  A 12x12 room should have a chandelier approximately 24” wide.) Depending on the “heft” of the frame and density of the fixture one can sometimes use a fixture that is smaller or larger. The ceiling height should also be taken into consideration and whether it is open to other spaces (Ie:  A dining room table incorporated into a great room).

Recessed Lighting QUESTIONS

How many recessed units should I put in my newly designed kitchen?
Recessed placement in a high task area, such as the kitchen, should be placed directly over the task area (ie: countertops and islands). Recessed lighting in a kitchen should always be placed so that the light is overlapping to create evenly lit areas.

If you are working with a kitchen designer, schedule a consult with Champlain Valley Electric and we would be happy to help with the best recessed lighting layout for your space to achieve the best possible results!


Why should I use LED?
LED light sources, whether light bulbs or an integrated LED source in a light fixture, is currently the most energy efficient manner of creating light. LED operates much cooler, lasts much longer, has better color rendition, uses far less power than incandescent or halogen light sources, and has no hazardous materials requiring special disposal. When replacing many of the higher wattage light bulbs in your home, you can reduce your electric usage by over 70% and therefore, reduce your energy costs.  

In commercial/industrial buildings the energy savings is even more realized, due to the maintenance labor costs of changing light bulbs and the ability to cool spaces much more efficiently than with warmer burning light bulbs heating up the space.

Electrical QUESTIONS

What size or amperage breaker can I put on #12 gauge wire - i.e. 12/2 romex?
With 12 gauge wire you are able to use up to a 20amp circuit breaker.

When do I need to put my wire in conduit?
If your wire or cable does not have a sheath or outer jacket covering it then it must be installed in conduit or raceway.

How come my house service wire doesn’t have an outer jacket and it is buried in the ground without conduit?
Your service wire is rated for direct burial and must be buried at a minimum of 24” down in the ground without conduit. Anywhere the cable is exposed it must be in conduit or pipe.

Do you recommend we put our house service wire in conduit all the way even where it is buried in the ground?
Yes, we do. The conduit helps protect the wire from getting damaged by stones or other debris that may move in the ground because of frost. Also, if you have a problem and need to replace the wire, there is a good chance you will be able to pull out the bad cable and pull a new cable in the conduit without having to dig it up.

Where do I need to use Arc Fault breakers in my newly constructed house?
As per 2014 NEC, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) protection is required on all single branch circuit outlets or devices.

What does an Arc Fault breaker do?
An AFCI breaker detects a dangerous electrical arc from a broken conductor in a circuit that could cause a fire. It can distinguish between a harmless arc from the operation of a switch, plug and brushed motor.

How many feet of electrical baseboard heat can I put on a 20amp circuit?
We recommend that you do not exceed 14 linear feet of baseboard heat on one circuit.

I bought my electric wire cut to a length I thought I needed. Unfortunately, I came up a little short. May I return that piece of wire?
No, we do not take back cut wire. We only take back full factory coils or reels with a copy of your receipt. We do recommend you add a little bit to your measurement because you can cut it shorter. You just can’t stretch it.